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Plant Health is the Key for High Yielding Soybeans.

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Getting your soybeans off to a great start is the foundation of a high-yield crop. A robust start for the plant will determine healthy yields at harvest.

Exceed SAR for Soybean combines high-concentration nitrogen-fixing rhizobia with an enhanced extender containing Chitosan (poly-D-glucosamine.) The EPA registered Chitosan molecule in Exceed SAR is a natural plant elicitor that signals to the plant that it is being attacked by pathogens, thus activating its immune response through what is known as systemic acquired resistance (SAR.)

Within 24-48 hours after planting, Exceed SAR for Soybean begins its work, providing a broad spectrum of protection from multiple pathogens including disease and nematodes. Because this immunity is built into the cellular tissue of the soybean plant, it remains protected through the first 6-weeks of growth.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process The proprietary manufacturing process to produce the Chitosan molecule in Exceed SAR allows for a concentrated version without any adverse effect on other seed treatments. Please consult with a Visjon Biologics representative for a complete list of compatible seed treatments. The molecule is considered a bio-chemical, therefore allowing it to be very stable on the seed until time of planting.

The short-chain molecular structure of the Exceed SAR Chitosan molecule allows the chemical to effectively bind to receptor sites in the plant cell wall, which gives the plant faster defense. Exceed SAR signals the plant to increase structural integrity and rapid alteration of the cell wall, initiating the synthesis of pathogenic-related proteins and phytoalexins (to inhibit parasite growth), and produces or activates various defense related enzymes including salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene.

EXCLUSIVE EPA Registered Bio-Stimulant

EPA Certified Advantages of Exceed SAR

  • Boosts germination and root growth.

  • Elevates the plant immune system.

  • Disrupts and suppresses the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode.

  • Protects against Mosaic virus, stem wilt, damp off, blight and mold.

  • Fast acting formula – 24 hours after emergence and lasting up to 6 weeks.

Benefits of Exceed SAR

  • Increases yield.

  • Consult with a Visjon Biologics representative for a complete list of compatible seed treatments.

  • Low cost to treat.

Always read and follow label directions.

Field Trial Results Soybean: 3.73 bushels per acre Soybean results have shown an average increase of 3.73 bushels per acre over 51 trials.

Nematode Suppression: 86% reduction of the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode Replicated greenhouse study.

Components of Exceed SAR for Soybean Exceed SAR for Soybean is a two-component system, including a concentrated liquid inoculant with a minimum of 10 Billion (1x1010) active Bradyrhizobium japonicum per mL. This industry-leading concentration allows for superior nodulation, producing maximum nitrogen fixation. The second component is a Low Viscosity Extender that is up to 70% thinner than the leading brands on the market, which eliminates any seed treater problems such as bridging and clumping of seed.

Exceed SAR for Soybean has a low application rate of 2.0 fl oz/cwt when combined with the application of a seed treatment and comes in two package sizes of 2x250 or 4x50.

If you would like to learn more about Exceed SAR for Soybean or any other Exceed® brand product, please reach out to your area territory representative or give us a call here in Texas at 940-264-0343.

Exceed® is a registered trademark of Visjon Biologics.


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