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the inoculation process
legume inoculants

Exceed       and other legume inoculants manufactured by Visjon Biologics offer the grower an advantage in the field through the addition of fresh and plentiful nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

The symbiotic relationship the Rhizobium bacteria  has with your legume crop enables the seed to germinate quickly and stimulates plant hormones responsible for root formation and development. This brings more nourishment to the plant, which is evident by rapid and healthy growth with high-yield return.

Do more than meet your yield goals... EXCEED them.


The Benefits of Rhizobium Bacteria Inoculation 

Nitrogen-Fixation Process

Nitrogen (N2) is available for the plant, from 3 sources:

Air (Atmospheric)


benefits of inoculation nitrogen fixation process

The Rhizobium bacteria infects the roots of the plant, leading to the formation of nodules where Nitrogen fixation takes place.

Plant Residue (Decomposition)

Rhizobium Bacteria (Applied)

With high numbers of aggressive Nitrogen-fixing Rhizobia Bacteria:

Every soybean planted can fully yield.

Yield is improved in challenged areas.

Full-field Yield Averages increase.

Field conditions such as High or Low pH, Saturated Soil, Low Organic Matter and Longer Crop Rotations, can have adverse effects on Native Rhizobia in the soil. Inoculating with fresh Rhizobium Bacteria assures high numbers for the benefit of the plant.

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