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Exceed® SAR is More Than Just a Seed Inoculant. Part 2 of 3.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Educational Series 2 of 3: Mid-growth


During the mid-growth period of soybean plants, Exceed® SAR:

  • Continues to protect the plant from harmful pathogens for up to 8 weeks after planting

  • Improves plant vigor

  • Increases root and shoot growth

  • Interrupts the life-cycle of the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode

  • Provides protection against fungal infections such as damping off and white mold*

  • Robust growth leads to increased pod-set

  • Enhances blooms

*Exceed® SAR protects the soybean plant against many additional fungal infections. Please contact your Visjon Biologics representative for more information.
Exceed® SAR is guaranteed not to be harmful to costly seeds
and is compatible with all seed treatments.


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