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It's Cold Out There!

Important Storage Reminders for Rhizobium Inoculant Viability.

With much of the country under extreme cold conditions, it's a good time again, to talk about Inoculant Storage Guidelines.

Inoculants should be kept in a temperature controlled environment and protected from fluctuating temperatures. The rhizobia bacteria in inoculants are living organisms which can lose viability in extreme temperatures both hot and cold. During these extreme cold temperatures inoculants are susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles which are detrimental to viability.

Important Storage Reminders for Inoculants

• Always read and follow instructions.

• Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

• Store product between 40º and 77º F

• Open package only when ready to use.

• Use before expiration date.

• Do not store in an area which is to be fumigated.

• Small amounts of product which cannot be used according to instructions may be disposed of in a landfill.

Visjon Biologics is committed to shipping the highest quality inoculant available for our customers. Any product leaving our facilities during this type of weather will be sent on temperature controlled full-truck loads. Smaller shipments will be delayed until we know they can travel under proper temperature conditions.

Stay safe and warm out there. Spring is just around the corner!


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