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Exceed® SAR -More Than Just Inoculant.

In addition to nitrogen-fixing properties, Exceed® SAR for Soybean offers benefits at all stages of growth.


• Activates the seedling within 24-48 hours

• Elicits the plant enzymes for plant vitality

• Increases germination rate

• Improves sprouting

• Generates stronger emergence

• Provides uniform stand

• Fortifies the plant defense mechanisms

• Is proven effective to boost plant disease resistance

• Elevates innate immunity defense mechanism

• Aids the plant to overcome environmental stress


  • Continues to protect the plant from harmful pathogens for up to 8 weeks after planting

  • Improves plant vigor

  • Increases root and shoot growth

  • Interrupts the life-cycle of the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode

  • Provides protection against fungal infections such as damping off and white mold*

  • Robust growth leads to increased pod-set

  • Enhances blooms

*Exceed® SAR protects the soybean plant against many additional fungal infections. Please contact your Visjon Biologics representative for more information.


Harvest-ready soybean plants grown with Exceed® SAR:

  • Reduce lodging with stronger roots and healthier plant stand

  • Matured with reduced soybean cyst nematode activity - up to 86%*

  • Allow for earlier harvest due to robust plant growth

  • Have demonstrated delayed deterioration of cells which maintains greater pod integrity

  • Increase yield up to 3.73 bu/ac**

*A replicated greenhouse study at Auburn University showed Exceed® SAR to cause an 86% decline in nematode populations over the control.
** Demonstrated in replicated Midwest trial locations.
Exceed® SAR is guaranteed not to be harmful to costly seeds
and is compatible with all seed treatments.


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