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Exceed® SAR Liquid Inoculant for Peanuts--More Than Just an Inoculant.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The EPA Registered SAR Component:

• Provides protection against fungal infections such as damping-off and white mold

Interrupts the life-cycle of the root-knot nematode

Elicits the plant enzymes for vitality

• Elevates the innate immunity defense mechanism of the plant

Boosts germination and builds a stronger root system

• Increases yield - trial results show an average increase of 434 pounds per acre

• High Concentration - 4.5 billion cells per mL.

• One case treats 40 acres in-furrow.

Exceed® SAR is guaranteed not to be harmful to costly seeds and is compatible with all seed treatments.

Ask your local dealer for Exceed® SAR Liquid Inoculant for Peanut.


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