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Fields in Drought - Inoculation is Key

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Inoculation is vital to ensure good nodulation for maximizing nitrogen fixation and high yields.

Drought stress continues to spread across the country in extreme measures. In addition, nitrogen prices are rapidly increasing. Now, more than ever, high-yielding legume crops will rely on nitrogen-fixing rhizobium inoculant for healthy, productive yield results at harvest.

  • Drought is one of the major causes of reduced nitrogen fixation in legume plants. After major drought stress, rhizobia bacteria activity is decreased or non-existent.

  • If a soil is below 20% soil moisture, the rhizobium populations will diminish very rapidly.

  • Inoculate with Exceed® Inoculant products in 2022 to give your new crop the best environment for producing strong plants with superior nodulation and nitrogen-fixation, ultimately producing higher yields.

Consider double-inoculation in fields that have been in drought by applying both a liquid inoculant to the seed as well as applying an in-furrow granular inoculant at planting. This will provide the young plant an active environment with strong nitrogen-fixing bacteria which benefit the important early stages of growth.


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