Item 17003

Treats 128,000# of seed per One Gallon Jug
(2 – One Gallon Jugs/cs)

Item 17002

Treats 32,000# of seed per One Quart Bottle.
(4 – One Quart Bottles/cs)


Benefits of Exceed

The Exceed     Chitosan molecule triggers a defense response in the plant. This leads the plant's immune system to form a bio-chemical barrier against pathogens and disease.

  • Boosts germination and root growth.

  • Boosts the plants ability to defend against fungal infections.

  • Elevates the plant immune system.

  • Fast acting formula – 24 hours after emergence and lasting up to 6 weeks.
  • Interrupts the life-cycle of the J1 and J2 soybean cyst nematode.

  • Can be used on a variety of crops: Soybean Peanut, Wheat, Corn.

  • Increases Yield.


Over 20 years ago in the harsh growing environment of Yellowstone National Park, a discovery was made that would change the way plants handle stress. Symbiotic fungi, known as endophytes, were identified to help plants thrive in the harshest conditions, including heat stress, drought stress and high saline soils. This particular endophyte turned out to be Trichoderma harzianum or better known now, as Exceed HSD.


Exceed       Plant Protection Booster

Item 26001

Treats 12,800 - 128,000# of seed
with on-seed treatment or
320 - 640 acres in-furrow
(4 bottles/cs)

omri listed organic inoculant products for alfalfa and true clover combination


Benefits of Exceed      

High Yielding Crops

  • Increased yields of 20% to 85% during severe drought and 2% to 15% under low stress conditions.

  • Increased plant biomass to 50% under salt stress.

  • Reduced water consumption in crop plants by up to 50%.

  • Works in diverse soil types and climate zones.

  • Preserves germination.

  • Increases nutrient use efficiency.

  • Non-toxic, non-pathogenic and safe to handle.

  • Does not transfer into seed or fruit and does not remain in the soil.

Specifications of Exceed HSD

  • 2 Year + on seed shelf-life

  • Compatible with existing fungicide and insecticide seed treatment chemistries

  • Compatible with commercial seed treaters including rotary treaters and atomizers

  • Packaged in 4x1 qt cases.

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