Item 17003

Treats 128,000# of seed per One Gallon Jug
(2 – One Gallon Jugs/cs)

Item 17002

Treats 32,000# of seed per One Quart Bottle.
(4 – One Quart Bottles/cs)


Benefits of Exceed

The Exceed     Chitosan molecule triggers a defense response in the plant. This leads the plant's immune system to form a bio-chemical barrier against pathogens and disease.

  • Boosts germination and root growth.

  • Boosts the plants ability to defend against fungal infections.

  • Elevates the plant immune system.

  • Fast acting formula – 24 hours after emergence and lasting up to 6 weeks.
  • Can be used on a variety of crops.

  • Increases Yield.


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